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About Darlene’s Travel Services

We offer FREE Travel Services, and this is how it started.

We had spent several vacations at Sandals in Jamaica and really enjoyed the experience.  So much so that Darlene wanted to explore it more.  As she looked at Sandals more and more, she started talking about it to people on FaceBook.  Then she decided that she wanted to help people, so she started as an Independent Contractor for another travel agency.  Then she switched to a different agency and after spending a little time there, Brian decided to start an agency of his own, calling it Darlene’s Travel Services.

Some time later Darlene started conversing with Janet Trader who was an IC for another agency but was looking for a change.  So we invited her to join us and thus Janet is now an IC for Darlene’s Travel Services.

And don’t forget to check out the weekly SALES HERE!

Why Book With Us?

We have extensive experience in Sandals and Beaches properties. We’ve been to all the Sandals properties in Jamaica and St. Lucia, so if you have questions about resorts on either island, we can answer them.  Even though we haven’t been to all the islands, we still have a lot of information and resources to be able to answer your questions and help you decide where to go for a fabulous vacation.

In addition to having email access to all the General, Hotel, Sales, Loyalty, and Wedding onsite managers, we also have access to the following corporate Business Development Managers:

      • Golf
      • Scuba
      • Groups
      • Wedding
      • Island Routes

So if we don’t have the answer, we can easily get it for you.

Custom Planning:

We will work with you to help you decide which resort best meets your needs and desires. Unlike online booking engines, we are available to answer any questions or concerns you may have before, during, and after travel.

No Hidden Charges:

We don’t add hidden extra costs. We get commissions directly from the resort, so you don’t pay any more than the published resort price.

Best Price:

When you book with us, we work to get you the best possible price.  After booking, we watch for price drops and work to get you the reduced price.

Additional Bookings:

We can also book your elopements, weddings, retie the knot / vow renewals, and honeymoons, not to mention adding your children and/or multi-generational family.

Sandals / Beaches 7-7-7 sale

In case you don’t know, Sandals runs a weekly sale (7 days) for 7% off of 7  room categories (thus the 7-7-7).  One set of rooms for Sandals, and another set for Beaches.
If you want more information or would like to book one of these rooms, please just let us know HERE.
NOTE:  These rooms have limited availability dates, so please check with us to see if those dates fit your plans.


Here are the sales for the week of  May 31 – June 6.

Crystal Lagoon Luxury Honeymoon Room with Balcony Tranquility Soaking Tub

Crystal Lagoon Walkout Swim-up Club Level

Mediterranean Honeymoon Oceanview Club Level Suite

Caribbean Honeymoon Beachview Grande Luxe

Pink Gin Beachfront Room

Viceroy Honeymoon Oceanfront Butler Suite

Italian Beachfront Club Level Honeymoon Suite w/ Tranquility Soaking Tub

And now the Beaches sales


Key West Luxury Concierge Room


Italian Poolside Walkout Concierge Family Suite with Kids Room


Caribbean Penthouse One Bedroom Butler Suite


Tropical Beachfront One-Bedroom Walkout Grand Concierge Family Suite


Tropical Beachfront Walkout Concierge King


French Village Honeymoon Veranda Suite


French Village Oceanfront One Bedroom Concierge Suite King

Resort Decoder Ring

So, have you ever heard a 3 letter abbreviation for a Sandals / Beaches resort and wondered which one it is?  Or heard the resort name and wondered what its abbreviation is?  Well, here’s the list:

  • SMB – Sandals Montego Bay, Jamaica
  • SNG – Sandals Negril, Jamaica
  • SRP – Sandals Royal Plantation, Jamaica
  • SRC – Sandals Royal Caribbean, Jamaica
  • SGO – Sandals Ochi Beach Resort, Jamaica
  • SDR – Sandals Dunn’s River, Jamaica
  • SWH – Sandals South Coast (originally called White House), Jamaica
  • SAT – Sandals Grande Antigua, Antiqua
  • SGL – Sandals Grande St. Lucian, St. Lucia
  • SHC – Sandals Halcyon Beach, St. Lucia
  • SLU – Sandals Regency La Toc, St. Lucia
  • SBD – Sandals Barbados, Barbados
  • SBR – Sandals Royal Barbados, Barbados
  • SLS – Sandals Grenada, Grenada
  • SRB – Sandals Royal Bahamian, Bahamas
  • SEB – Sandals Emerald Bay, Bahamas
  • SCR – Sandals Royal Curacao, Curacao
  • BBO – Beaches Ocho Rios, Jamaica
  • BNG – Beaches Negril, Jamaica
  • BTC – Beaches Turks & Caicos, Turks & Caicos

If you want to see the maps of all the Beaches and Sandals resorts, just CLICK HERE

Wedding Requirements

If you’re thinking about a Destination Wedding, here are the requirements to get married on the different islands where Sandals and / or Beaches resorts are located.

Please note that these requirements can change at any time!


Residency period is 48 hours. It must include one business day, not including holidays and no Sunday weddings.


Residency period is 48 hours and must be two business days., not including the day of arrival, weekends or holiday.

There can be no Sunday weddings at Sandals Emerald Bay.


Residency period is 48 hours and can not include weekends or public holidays.


Residency period is 72 hours. This includes day of arrival, weekends, and holidays. It does not include the day of the wedding.

Weddings can be held Monday – Saturday with no weddings on Sundays or holidays.


Residency period is 72 hours. This includes weekends and holidays.
Once you have been in Grenada for three days you can submit an application for a marriage license.  This is done in person at the Prime Minister’s Office.

At this time you are also required to pay the associated stamp duty and license fees.


Residency period is 48 hours. This includes both weekends and holidays.

St. Lucia

Residency period is 72 hours. Three business days not including, day of arrival, weekends or holidays.

There are no Sunday weddings.

Turks & Caicos

Residency requirement is 48 hours and must include two business days. The day of arrival and weekends not included.