Here’s What Some of Our Clients Have to Say

What did you like about our services?

We loved everything! We don’t have to worry about a thing. All documents sent to us and they take care of everything. Stress free!! Very knowledgeable about the resorts and what to expect!

Would you recommend us to family or friends and why or why not?

Yes.  Because of their knowledge and experience! We only take care of our flights.

Additional Comments:

We have know Brian and Darlene for 12 years and we met them in Jamaica. One thing led to another and they take care of everything for us. Worry free!!

Teri T

What did you like about our services?

Very available, willing to help with all questions, good follow-through on requests and gave good advice in planning our trip.

Would you recommend us to family or friends and why or why not?

You are knowledgeable and available.

Additional Comments:

I am glad we used your services, making our trip planning easy and stress free. Willing to honestly answer all our questions.


What did you like about our services?

EVERYTHING! The ease of making changes if needed, the fact that I knew that if there was an issue, it would be handled like lighting, most of all. Thankfully, we had ZERO issues, not even a flight delay, but I knew that if there was one, Darlene would be one of the best to have working behind the scenes! Darlene and Brian both completely ROCK at this, and I am in SERIOUS trouble when they retire!

Would you recommend us to family or friends and why or why not?

In the correct situation, of course. 😉 Darlene was a friend before she was my agent. We met, and I had no clue she even WAS an agent for a while. When I had an issue with another agent, I picked Darlene’s brain a bit, and she helped me through it as a friend, not even knowing that she’d eventually gain me as a client one day. There was literally NOTHING in it for her at that time, but she still helped me through some things. When I had another larger issue with that first agent, I fired them, canceled my booking, and immediately rebooked and transferred it to Darlene and Brian. Darlene & Brian were probably my agents for 2 years before I was actually able to take my first trip with them at the helm. How many agents do THAT?? I had a trip booked, but it was VERY much up in the air due to things out of my control, and Darlene was sooo patient that it wasn’t funny. Not once did I get the vibe from her that she felt disgruntled that this one was taking a while to actually happen. I think I was more disgruntled over that fact than she was! So yeah, there’s no question in my mind that I’ll recommend Darlene and Brian to someone else. And I already have someone in mind when the time comes!


In response to our survey after a client returns home, Ed had this to say:

Were you pleased with the services we provided?:     Yes

What did you like or dislike about our services?:       Above and beyond expectations

Would you recommend us to friends or family?:       Yes

Why would you or wouldn’t you recommend us?:     Trust!


With Darlene, I never worry about whether I am missing any documentation. Not only does she mail me everything, but she sends reminders about tasks that have to be done – whether that is just remembering our passports or actually having to renew our passports to completing the online paperwork or online check in – she is on top of it. When she mails the documents to my house she includes fun things that we can use on our trip, like a float, personalized cups, chair clips, etc. She is so thoughtful in making our experience smooth. Other benefits, aside from her making it easy, she is constantly looking to see what discounts or promotions we can take advantage of to reduce costs or add value (like massage promos).  One year our flight was so delayed we missed our connection. When we landed she already had hotel and flight options in my inbox.

I would highly recommend using Darlene because she is all around organized, thoughtful and a bull dog when she needs to be to get us the best deal and a have a truly care-free vacation. A great example is when a minor inconvenience happened, she reached out to the resort and they corrected it within minutes. It’s like she has a hot line to senior management to take care of her clients. She also has an intimate knowledge of the Sandals resorts, rooms and systems so she can give you clear recommendations based on what we are looking for. It makes navigating through all the options so easy.


Darlene has been indispensable to us regarding our upcoming Sandals vacation. I message her constantly with my questions and concerns and she responds immediately. She knows EVERYTHING about Sandals and I feel very confident in her suggestions. There were things I wasn’t advised on previously and with Darlene I know I am in good hands. Having Darlene as your Travel Agent is like having a 24 hr Sandals concierge! I highly recommend her for all of your Sandals bookings.


5 star personal service, never will a question go unanswered, extremely knowledgeable…


Darlene’s Travel was a find on Facebook. Not only did we gain an excellent travel agent we also gained a friend. She shared her vast knowledge of Sandals properties and made our plans for our come back soon. Her patience and knowledge made the experience most enjoyable.

Darlene’s Travel agency is a must for all your travel needs. You won’t be sorry, she goes above and beyond.


I highly recommend Darlene Barbour as a TA. She solved several problems and saved us some money and is a hoot to hang out with at the resort!


Totally agree!!! Darlene is the most dedicated and knowledgeable travel advisor. Check her out before you book. You won’t be sorry.