About Darlene’s Travel Services

Negril Sunset

Just one of the many pictures of Jamaican sunsets we’ve taken over the years

This is our story of how Darlene’s Travel Services came to be.

As mentioned on our homepage, we stayed at a couple of Sandals resorts and really liked everything about them.  So as Darlene started looking into them and discussing things with some of the managers at the resorts, more than one manager suggested that she become a travel agent.  This continued and more and more people and managers kept encouraging her to become an agent.

So, late in 2014 we formed our own travel agency, Darlene’s Travel Services, LLC, and in early 2015 we started booking trips for clients under the new agency. This allows us to control our own destiny and hopefully build a business that maintains a close relationship with our clients.

Prior to creating Darlene’s Travel Services, LLC, Darlene was an independent agent for Friends and Family Travel for several years. The owners, Regina Hawks and her husband Mike, were always supportive and helped convince us to go out on our own, so here we are, doing our own thing. 

Some of Darlene’s qualifications are:

        • Certified Sandals Specialist
        • Certified Beaches Specialist
        • Jamaica Travel Specialist
        • St Lucia Travel Specialist
        • Antigua and Barbuda Specialist

In August 2017, Janet Trader joined us as an Independent Contractor.  Janet started her career as a full time travel consultant in 2009 after traveling extensively in the US, Caribbean, Europe, and Asia.  Janet and her husband were vacationing at Sandals long before she became a Travel Consultant and her love of Sandals inspired her to become a Certified Sandals Specialist.  Janet’s website, Estelle’s Travels, can be visited here. Some of Janet’s qualifications are:

        • Certified Sandals Specialist
        • Certified Beaches Specialist
        • Certified Wedding Agent
        • Sandals Elite Diver
        • PADI Certified Assistant Scuba Instructor.


Darlene’s Travel Services, LLC, was created in November of 2014 and it is now a Preferred Sandals Agency.


Darlene is a Gold Certified Sandals Specialist (CSS) and a member of the Jamaican Travel Board.