About Darlene’s Travel Services

The History of Darlene’s Travel Services

This is our story of how Darlene’s Travel Services came to be.

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Negril Sunset

Just one of the many pictures of Jamaican sunsets we’ve taken over the years

As mentioned on our homepage, we stayed at a couple of Sandals resorts and really liked everything about them.  So as Darlene started looking into them and discussing things with some of the managers at the resorts, more than one manager suggested that she become a travel agent.  This continued and more and more people and managers kept encouraging her to become an agent.

So, late in 2014 we formed our own travel agency, Darlene’s Travel Services, LLC, and in early 2015 we started booking trips for clients under the new agency. This allows us to control our own destiny and hopefully build a business that maintains a close relationship with our clients.

Prior to creating Darlene’s Travel Services, LLC, Darlene was an independent agent for Friends and Family Travel for several years. The owners, Regina Hawks and her husband Mike, were always supportive and helped convince us to go out on our own, so here we are, doing our own thing.

Some of Darlene’s qualifications are:

        • Certified Sandals Specialist
        • Certified Beaches Specialist
        • Gold level Sandals and Beaches agent
        • Jamaica Travel Specialist
        • St Lucia Travel Specialist
        • Antigua and Barbuda Specialist

In August 2017, Janet Trader joined us as an Independent Contractor.  Janet started her career as a full time travel consultant in 2009 after traveling extensively in the US, Caribbean, Europe, and Asia.  Janet and her husband were vacationing at Sandals long before she became a Travel Consultant and her love of Sandals inspired her to become a Certified Sandals Specialist.  Janet’s website, Estelle’s Travels, can be visited here. Some of Janet’s qualifications are:

        • Certified Sandals Specialist
        • Certified Beaches Specialist
        • Certified Wedding Agent
        • Sandals Elite Diver
        • PADI Certified Assistant Scuba Instructor.


Darlene’s Travel Services, LLC, was created in November of 2014 and it is now a Preferred Sandals Agency.


Darlene is a Gold Certified Sandals Specialist (CSS) and a member of the Jamaican Travel Board.

FAQ About Darlene’s Travel Services

General Information about Darlene’s Travel Services (DTS)

Here are a few questions and answers about Darlene’s Travel Services and what we do.

Why do we prefer Sandals over other resorts and even other all inclusives?

Why prefer Sandals/Beaches for the following reasons:

* Transportation is included.

* No wristbands

* No towel cards

* Tips are truly included in the price. The only tipping allowed on property is for spa staff and butlers (if you use spa services or are in a butler level room).

* Everyone can dine at All the restaurants, get drinks at EVERY bar, and use ALL the pools and beach areas.

* NO time-share schemes/pitches/scams.

* The price is the price. No one is allowed to discount a Sandals/Beaches booking.

* If we book and the price drops before the booking is paid in full and your room category is still available, we can get the lower price.

* The staff members are amazing.

* The SSG program, Sandals Select Guests. Free to join, you earn points for discounts on your next trip, and earn free weeks!

* Amazing weddings and Re-Tie the Knot ceremonies.

Does DTS charge for your services?

No, we don’t charge you for our services.  We get paid directly from Sandals / Beaches (or whoever we book your vacation with).  But we only get paid after we make the booking and you’ve completed your trip.  So if you ask us a lot of questions, which may take hours of back and forth, discussing things and making recommendations for your perfect trip, then you go and book it yourself, we get nothing.
You don’t pay any extra for using our services, either.  Our commission is built in to the Sandals and Beaches published prices.  If you look at their consumer site and get a price for a certain room and a specific week, that’s exactly the same price that we’d book for you.  So you’d get the same price, but you wouldn’t get our expertise.
If the room price goes down, Sandals will give you the lower price.  But you have to ask for it.  One of the things we do is check their sales each week and if your room price went down, we’ll contact Sandals to get you that lower price.  You don’t have to keep checking.

Does DTS book airline tickets?

No, we don’t, and here’s why:

  1. We used to book air, but we had clients that would do their own research at the same time, then book flights that had long layovers or to another nearby airport, just to save a little money.  We can’t possibly know what you might accept as good flights and what you might be willing to do in order to save money.
  2. Also, if you ever have problems with your flight and call the airline, they typically tell you that if you booked through a third party (us), to call them.  Well, if you’re at the airport and you’re trying to call the airline, do you really want to call us?  We might not even be in the office or are busy with something else.  If you’re at the airport, you’re in the best position to make changes to your flights, either at the airport ticket counter or on the phone with the airline.
  3. Airline prices can change very quickly sometimes.  If we found a good flight, the price may actually change by the time we contact you and get your OK, then get back to the airline to book it.
  4. And the airlines have cut back on their commissions to travel agents so much that it’s not really worth it for us to do.

We’ll be glad to help you pick flights and we’ll make suggestion, but we leave the actual booking up to you, so you have the final say in what you’ll accept and be able to make changes.

Does DTS charge credit cards or take payments?

No, we don’t take any payments directly to us.  We make all payments directly with the booked property.  We can make those payments for you, but with your credit card information.

Do you use or sell personal information?

No, we only use your information to make the booking.  We NEVER sell or share your information with ANY other party.

Does DTS book things other than Sandals and Beaches?

Yes, we have other options that we can present to you.  But, we specialize in Sandals and Beaches properties, and we know them the best.  We’ve been booking Sandals and Beaches properties for quite a few years now and know how to get any information that you need in order to book your best vacation.