1 Month!!

by | Feb 23, 2023 | Countdown | 0 comments

Well, one month from today we’ll be landing in Jamaica for our annual vacation. I’m sure it will be nice and warm and sunny there, as opposed to today’s weather here in Maine. Today it’s cold, only about 20F, and snowing. At least with it being so cold, the snow is nice and light, but I’d still rather be in Jamaica.

We won’t have to shovel any snow while we’re in Jamaica, but if we’re lucky we’ll get to watch a couple Jamaicans shovel beach sand, just so we don’t miss the whole shoveling thing too much. I don’t think they like the sand shoveling about as much as we don’t like the snow shoveling. Although one year one of the guys seemed quite anxious to come home with us and shovel snow. It was probably the coming to the U.S. more so than the snow shoveling part. But many Jamaicans have never been in cold and snow, so they are very anxious to experience it, until they experience it, then not so much any more.

Well, less than 30 days and we’ll be there. I think we can hang in there till then.

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